I am Go Cart racing. I started in last I slowly gained speed . Then my cart gained a burst of speed  as my heart was racing and my eyes were watering I got over and sped past a line of carts and saw them really trying to get ahead . Now i’m in second coming  up on the last lap , my heart was racing even faster than before and my eyes were watering even more I sped past the person in 1st place and watched him get enraged and try to pass me.

Now i’m coming up upon the finish line and the guy is trying to pass me more  but I just stayed  in front of him and I pass the finish line and I win! im in 1ST place .

never give up or you will not succeed that helped me succeed .

2013 to 2014

One of the top three events of my year is ice skating , it is really fun but hard at the same time.  You also fall a lot but it is worth it. The reason you fall alot is because you may have wobly ankles . another top event of my    year is go cart racing . i won  most of the time , the ones i lost was when my brother cheated . the other event of my year is my trip to Austin. Here is what I did . I went to a place where my moms good friend works .It is the best sandwich shop in Austin ,it is called Toastys . Then we went to her apartment and played with her dog named “Trixy” and watched movies on a VCR , “Trixy”  is a pit bull. The next day we took “Trixy” to a dog park so we can play .  When we were just about to leave the dog park .I got on my brothers skateboard and went down a steep hill and got to go fast . when i was ready to stop i jumped off and triped then hurt my self , it felt like i broke my elbow. Then we did alot more things . It would take too long to explain it . here is what i am looking forward to in 2014. 2  goals i have for this year are , to be more responsable by doing what i am told to do , and to keep up with my stuff. my other goal is to kill a deer like a leagal 8point. Something id like to stop is loosing everything. one thing id like to learn is how to make a stink bomb, so I can trough it in my brothers room and make him mad. Four books id like to read are harry potter goblet of fire ,harry Potter prisinor of asakaban , harry potter order of the phinex , and Harry Potter and the half blood prince.

plymouth poem and paragraph


Lived with native Americans

Your buddy may be a native American

Made thanksgiving

Out of the boundary of  the king

Under no rules

They had a feast

Had colorful cloths


I would like to live in Plymouth because i can have freedom from the king of England. Also i would like to hunt deer where there is no season so i can kill them all year round.


what may have happened henry hudson? 1611

In 1611 England hired Henry Hudson to find the northwest passage. Henry Hudson sailed in the discovery with about 25 people or more on it. Henry Hudson discovered a 450 mile long passage that he thought was the northwest passage. he followed it to the Hudson bay. he kept looking for the the water route to the pacific ocean. When winter set in the bay froze over along with the ship. The crew survived in a small tent . When winter thawd the crew wanted to go home , when they found out how crew threw Henry Hudson off with 16 other crew onto a small boat with no paddles .  After that they  probably used their hands to paddle to shore then a few months later they died of hunger.